Conflict with parents

A study financing applicant may submit a request to exclude a parent or both parents from consideration for their application. This request must be supported a declaration from an organization like the Court of Guardianship, a school manager , a dean , a guidance counselor , a social worker, a psychologist or counselor.


The statement must meet the following conditions/criteria:

The statement:

•        relates to the personal situation of the student;

•        is based on your own knowledge and investigation of the personal situation of the student;

•        must be signed by the author;

•        must be written on letterhead of the organization where you work or must have a stamp of your body;

Case 1:

No contact with parents or a parent for at least 5 years

The statement must clearly show:

•        Since what age the student did not have contact with the parent (s ) .

•        Why the contact between the student and the parent (s ) is broken ( a short synopsis ) .


Case 2:

No structural parental contribution, uncooperative parents or serious irreconcilable conflict

The statement must clearly show:

•        Since what age there is a broken relationship with (one of) the parents as a result an irreconcilable conflict or no structural parental contribution.

•        How the conflict arose?

•        The background and reasons for the broken parent - child relationship.